The Sozra Story - John & Deborah Sosnowsky

John and Debby have been making, designing and handcrafting jewelry, art and music full time, since 1980. They met at the  Art Department of Towson State University. 


Innovative Jewelry Business

John's concentration was in photography, and Debby's was in fabric design and weaving. Shortly after they were married, they decided to combine their talents to create an innovative jewelry business. 


Never-ending Creative Endeavor

John's music and 2D art is a never-ending creative endeavor. His fifth CD and the newest one, “Multiverse Vortex” is an extension of the “Multiverse Vortex” 2D art series. John likes to say that he paints with sound. Jewelry


"To hear samples of John Sozra Music click the Apple iTunes link below."


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